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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow in Paris

Oil on Canvas 30 x 4Ocm (12 x 16in)

Snow is much in the news this week -- Washington up to its waist in it; much of the U.K. ditto.  Well, it snows in Paris too, but not as much.  This exercise in 'Snow Pointilisme' came partly from a false memory syndrome:   I thought I recalled the great Impressionists -- Monet, Sisley especially -- having painted snow when it was falling; but I was wrong.  They wisely waited till the snow was on the ground (cf. Sisley's 'Road at Louveciennes,' and Monet's 'La Pie,' that wonderfully lit snowed-in gate with the magpie perched on it).  No, it's not easy and quite time consuming making all these snowflakes, and all equidistant from each other!

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