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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Oil on Canvas Sheet  9.5 x 12in (24 x 30cm)

These two old friends have been in my family for a long time. You might take them for representing Beauty and Utility.  But in fact, no one has ever known what to put in the red lacquered box, and, while inviting something exotic -- old maps, forgotten wills, love letters -- it remains empty. The blue of the vase is indeed exquisite (not of course done justice to in my painting).  The vase has lived dangerously since the 18th century, perched precariously on its elaborately carved stand. Both objects have, for me, what certain South Sea islanders call 'baraka' -- a power instilled by years of human handling and affection.
This was my submission to Alice Thompson's Calypso Moon Artist Movement challenge for March 2010.


  1. 'baraka'- very interesting. I believe that an object can sometimes carry the spirit of the person who made it. It seems logical to me now after reading your post that the possessor would also leave a remnant force. The patina on the hinge is very nice touch. Thank you Alan.

  2. Both of these objects can hold something. Isn't it amazing how some pieces stay intact, bobbing through distance and time.

    Suggestion... that there is some gray, like the color you get when you mix any three colors together, shadow playing beside the objects.

    Are we still friends?