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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dwellers in a Spanish Antique Shop

Oil on Canvas Board 10.5 x 14 in (27 x 35 cm)

This is a window looking in on the dwellers of the antique shop.  They look out on a narrow, sloping street in the old Gotic quarter of Barcelona, a street down which the thirteen-year old Visigothic Christian girl, Eulalia, was rolled in a knife-studded barrel on the 12th February, 304; before submitting to crucifixion, breast amputation and, finally, decapitation -- the price exacted by the Emperor Diocletian, enraged at her steadfast refusal to renounce Christianity.
Or so goes the legend.  Many statues and streets in the city are named after her.
P.S. The original for last post's 'Backside'? -- an early work by Picasso, in the Picasso Museum, Barcelona.

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