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Monday, November 21, 2011

At the Market

Oil on Canvas Board 8.5 x 10.5 (22 x 27cm)

Representational painting can be unsatisfying when everything in the background is just as clearly defined as the subject, say a bird, in the foreground.  This little scene is an attempt at creating a realistic background -- i.e. one that's out of focus, or merely vague, in relation to the subject (which is the thing in focus, clear).   I have gone over the background with a couple of layers of medium, each laced with a small amount of pigment -- hoping vague impressions of people and things would result, without being obliterated. An alternative way occurs to me in recalling Renoir's theatre balcony, a young girl in profile as subject, and distant rows of other spectators as background; where he has managed a marvellous effect of distance, and blur, merely by brushing main forms, and ignoring detail.  What I've tried to do here is probably not a good solution at all, risking mud.  But the other way is something I'll have to work on.  Maybe a glass or two of wine before embarking, would be a good idea.

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